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TAUI MEDIA was born as an audiovisual production company in 2016 to promote the creation of filmmakers and filmmakers who want to tell unique stories about sports such as surfing, skateboarding, mountain ultras, cycling, climbing, urban sports, dance…

Big Wave in the Basque Country (2015) 48′ — Film about basque surfing
El Revolver de Morga (2016) 29′ — With the known boxer Kerman Lejarraga
Tito Nazaré (2022) 13′ — Big waves with Tito Ortega
Peio (2022) 6′ — Skating with the olympic skater Peio Gonzalez
Carlota (2022) 16′ — With the statal longboard champion Carlota Jauregui
Vivó (2022) 22′ — Sports and superation in elder people
Marea Viva (2023) 6′ — Surf and new perspectives with María Martínezekin
Wiseman (2023) 5′ — Sports and injuries with Iker Trigueros
Arcade (2023) 5′ — Skateboarding and surfing with Yago Dominguez
Oreka (2023) 29′ — The new basque surfing star, Xabi Lopez
ED+ (2023) 17′ — Climbing and rare diseases with Luismi Eguiluz

Much more than an international surf festival. This event creates industrial and economic synergies and brings surfing closer to the people, as well as facilitating access to culture and sport, promoting female presence, accessibility and inclusion and raising awareness about sustainability and the environment. In 2025 will be held the X. edition, which will celebrate 10 years of European reference in the surfer universe.

Online surfing championships, contests and skateboarding exhibitions, free activities in the estuary (water bikes, rescue engines, jetboards…), round tables (sustainability, adapted sports and equality), networkings of the audiovisual industry and surf and glide industries, conferences and workshops, presentation of products and services in the Surf Market and solidarity march for inclusion from the shore, among many other activities that complete a dynamic and participatory festival.


Event and platform that promotes urban sports through culture and entertainment. Meeting opportunities between professionals and fans of urban sports and culture developed in different towns and cities. It also promotes the presence of urban sports in social networks through profiles aimed at youth and with values such as culture, equality, inclusion, overcoming…

Skateboarding, rollerblading, BMX, flatland, slackline, urban dantza, graffiti, RAP… from the Basque language and for Euskal Herria.